Foto Menu & Review Supergrain – Grand Indonesia – Menteng

Supergrain – Grand Indonesia

Lokasi dan Kontak

Grand Indonesia, Lantai 3A, RT.1/RW.5, Menteng, Central Jakarta City, Jakarta 10310, Indonesia Located in: Grand Indonesia

Makanan sehat


Rp18.000 – Rp120.000

Jam Buka



I LOVE this!
I never know healthy food can be this delicious! I mean, I ordered black rice and it’s amazing (I’ve eaten black rice before and it’s not tasty, but this one is). I also ordered salmon (surprise, the salmon is different than usual. It’s much softer and at that time I wondered if that’s because it’s not fully cooked (or in this case torched). Either way, it’s tasty (and so is the mushroom, baby corn, broccoli, and the green sauce).

Yummy food and healthy too.

Never imagined black rice and veggies could taste so delicious. They could increase the quantity of the sauce a little bit.

The bowl is very filling, even though I went with an empty tummy!

I ordered make your own bowl, and everything but the sweet potato is delicious! I kinda expected the orange sweet potato, but instead they have taro. But the pumpkin is just right, the chicken is tender and juicy, broccoli and green beans …

A solid 5 stars. The taste is so soo good, the best healthy restaurant option in Jakarta for me. The portion was also good, 80k for Chicken bowl.

ending up in here because most of the restaurant were full and queued, while here they have a lot of empty table (when I and my friend enter, there’s only two table were occupied). but hey, it is I who talk my friend into this place because Google suggested this place is a good match to my taste. well… finally can taste the dishes here.

ordering a pre-selected package, with just a few minutes waiting we get our orders ready to dig. after a few munch we decided that we should return to this restaurant and order custom dishes so can can dig and enjoy more of their menu. a bit pricey on the dishes (not a choice for a family size lunch/dinner), but I guess the price is for the preparing the items since most were cooked in such a healthy way (baked/steamed/boiled/sauteed with lesser oil). I can taste the oil for cooking but not as much as I expected from the look (they look wet and glossy), so I assume they living to their name.

It’s a little pricey, but the lamb is worth the extra money. I didn’t like the chai sweet potato because it was WAAY too sweet. The sesame dressing is quite interesting…it’s black sesame by the way, not sesame oil!

Daftar Menu



Birdie Bowl90.000
Farmers Chicken100.000
Beef Up115.000
Beef Up115.000
Goma Samon120.000
Build Your Own Chicken90.000
Build Your Own Vegetarian90.000