Foto Menu & Review Starbucks – Aeon Mall Jakarta Garden City – Cakung

Starbucks – Aeon Mall Jakarta Garden City

Lokasi dan Kontak

AEON MALL Jl. Boulevard Garden City Garden City, RT.8/RW.6, East Cakung, Cakung, East Jakarta City, Jakarta 13910, Indonesia Located in: AEON MALL Jakarta Garden City



Rp3.000 – Rp316.000

Jam Buka



This company has earned its popularity by maintaining a great quality business. Starbucks holds a welcoming environment, is widely available, and serves a variety of menu options. Starbucks has a unique, modern style. Starbucks creates a place fitting to the environment, giving them a truly natural and positive vibe. Each Starbucks location meets the standards every coffeehouse. Starbucks keeps everyone in mind and has become so widely available over the decades that it makes it even harder to turn down such great coffee and pastries. People come to a coffeehouse, or any place of business for that matter, for an inviting atmosphere, convenience, and variety. If someone is looking for coffee shop recommendations, wherever they are, Starbucks is the place.

Great place for drink some coffe with friend or family

I couldn’t lie. This starbucks give me a waw feelings. The interior is different than many others so i like to be in here, enjoying the coffee and the coffee taste also good it really satisfied me

Awesome…, bright space euyy

Great place with cozy ambience to hangout and enjoy your coffee.
Great interior and outside seating for smoker.

Comfy store, not crowded during the weekdays. Perfect place for working on your own or having casual meetings. What did I order? As always: tall for kids ristretto bianco ??

Daftar Menu



Special Bundling CNY 2298.000
Special Bundling CNY 3316.000
Special Bundling CNY 4302.000
Special Bundling CNY 1275.000
Black Sesame Matcha Latte + Asian Dolce Latte – TALL SIZE75.000
Black Sesame Matcha Latte + Asian Dolce Latte – TALL SIZE75.000
Okinawa Brown Sugar Latte + Black Sesame Matcha Latte – TALL SIZE80.000
Okinawa Brown Sugar Latte + Caramel Frappuccino – TALL SIZE75.000
Toffee Nut Crunch Latte – 2 CUP TALL SIZE60.000