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Sop Janda – Rawa Terate

Lokasi dan Kontak

Jl. Lanjutan Jl. Bali I, Gandamekar, Kec. Cikarang Bar., Bekasi, Jawa Barat 17530, Indonesia

Asli Indonesia


Rp6.000 – Rp37.000

Jam Buka
Minggu 7AM–3PM
Senin 7AM–3PM
Selasa 7AM–3PM
Rabu 7AM–3PM
Kamis 7AM–3PM
Jumat 7AM–3PM
Sabtu 7AM–3PM

Jam Sibuk 12:00, 11:00, 10:00


Sop Janda Bu Darmi is located in Cibitung and It states does not open branches elsewhere. This restaurant specializes in beef soup with rice and fried foods (gorengan), with a spicy level: not spicy, medium and spicy depending on the amount of cayenne pepper found in the soup we ordered. It tastes very recommended and the price is reasonable. Almost every time the restaurant is always crowded and the last time when I came it has finished, even though it was only at 13.00. Quick service. Parking area is limited but can park on the side of the surrounding road.

Legendary soup, Sop Widow means Javanese Sundanese or true selling widows? The portions are large, spicy solid, available spicy and not spicy soup menu. take your own rice, fried fried bakwan and tempeh are also available. Diverse drinks …

Portion too much for me. And would be very nice if people hold their smoking after eating. Makes the dining room so hot

This is seriously T-Rex portion or kuproy portion with only 5k rupiah to refill rice haha, you only have to eat once and you will be full for the whole day. The broth is also lit, you will be ask to have a spicy, mild, or non-spicy broth. And you can grab all you want the daun bawang haha, and you need to have keen eyes when you want some gorengan, because it’s gone so fastt!. The air conditioner is also a bit off, it’s placed inside, but without any barrier to keep the room temperature cool????. The meat soup itself is at 40k rupiah per bowl, I highly recommend this place for people who wants to eat much and amazed on how delicious the soup.

Good taste of meat soup, reasonable price, large portion for yourself

I don’t eat ribs soup on daily basis. But this soup is good. A bit tricky to find this place.

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paket sop janda+stee36.955
Nasi Gila14.875
ovaltine swiss12.750
Green Tea12.750
Thai Tea12.750
Choco Hazelnut14.450