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Saung Greenville – Green Ville

Lokasi dan Kontak

Jalan Ratu Kemuning Blok AS No. 39, RT.12/RW.13, Duri Kepa, Kec. Kb. Jeruk, Kota Jakarta Barat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 11510, Indonesia

Hidangan Laut


Rp6.000 – Rp209.000

Jam Buka
Jumat 10AM–10:30PM
Sabtu 10AM–10:30PM
Minggu 10AM–10:30PM
Senin 10AM–10:30PM
Selasa 10AM–10:30PM
Rabu 10AM–10:30PM
Kamis 10AM–10:30PM

Jam Sibuk 20:00, 19:00, 21:00


It’s a nice seafood restaurant, and has a cozy ambience. The black pepper crab is delicious and some of the vegetables are rich in flavors. The small portion of shrimps still has a good size, not too small. The service is great too. Overall, it’s a good place to eat, and it’s a bit priceyy.. but worth it !

Very nice and fresh seafood, the last time I’ve been here was few year ago, their new renovation made this place lpoks more welcoming and fresh, good job. This is one of the place where you can get fresh and good quality seafood in Jakarta

This place has sadly deteriorates both in pricing and quality. It used to be the neighborhood favorite place for seafood.

Price: much higher than other seafood places in the neighborhood. We compared to 2 places on the same street and this one is the highest.

Quality: the fish that we had today was not fresh and the seasoning was too salty.

Place: heavily infested with mosquitoes! I mean seriously infested with lots of mosquitoes. There were flies too. I don’t even want to imagine how the kitchen would be like with this poor hygiene standard in the dining room.

We will never return to this place, even if we were given free meal.

Crab was delicious, we tried 2 type of crabs – smoke crab (wrap w pandan leaves) and padang souce crab. All are fresh. The salty egg shrimp, grill fish n tofu also great stuff.
Place are clean n light are bright (we came at night).
Good place if you like crab n seafood. Recommended, with reasonable price. Around 100K-200k/person.

Best crab in jakarta so far.. Must try the black pepper sauce..

Food is good, no fancy dining, table wrapped with plastics, take “eating fish with plastics” literally.

Daftar Menu



Kangkung Cah Terasi40.250
Kangkung Cah Tauco40.250
Kangkung Cah Polos40.250
Tauge Cah Ikan Asin40.250
Tauge Cah Polos40.250
Tauge Cah Polos40.250
Khailan Cah Polos51.750
Kapri Manis46.000
Tou Miau57.500