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Foto Menu & Review Sate Ayam Madura Pak Rahmat – Cilandak Timu – Pasar Minggu

Sate Ayam Madura Pak Rahmat – Cilandak Timu

Lokasi dan Kontak

Jl. Cempaka Putih Utara No.L70, Harapan Mulya, Kec. Kemayoran, Kota Jakarta Pusat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 10640, Indonesia



Rp5.000 – Rp36.000

Jam Buka
Kamis 11AM–11PM
Jumat 11AM–11PM
Sabtu 11AM–11PM
Minggu 11AM–11PM
Senin 11AM–11PM
Selasa 11AM–11PM
Rabu 11AM–11PM

Jam Sibuk 13:00, 12:00, 14:00


Just because its shady and dark and maybe not so clean place for people with high clean standard, does not mean this restaurant is bad

Would say, for Lamb Satay menu, this place is Must-A-Try for you

Their satay was so damn good.
Big, tasty and juicy meat which felt soft inside your mouth
The soy sauce mixed with raw spices was good match for satay sauce
And meat soup with rich broth to end your journey

Overall, its worth for the price.

But since its located in side road, the parking size isnt that big. And if you dont like the place, just do takeaway order

It’s different. The sauce, the satay, it’s really different with any others. If you are a chicken satay lover, you need to try this one.

My usual place for lamb satay and soup. They have an 11 skewers per portion. Great melting lamb fat on every skewer

Recomended food

Sate Kambing, Sate Ayam, Sop Kambing
Good place. Good taste.
Near Halte busway Rawa Selatan.
close to Indomaret.

must try. !

delicious satay….

Daftar Menu



Sate Ayam Lezat 10 Tusuk25.000
Sate Ayam Spesial Tanpa Lemak 10 Tusuk36.000
Sate Kambing Lezat 10 Tusuk36.000
Sop Kambing36.000
Paket Hemat 126.400
Paket Hemat 126.400
Paket Hemat 227.600
Paket Hemat 331.200
Nasi Putih7.200