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Foto Menu & Review Sakura Tei – Kramat Pela – Kebayoran Baru

Sakura Tei – Kramat Pela

Lokasi dan Kontak

RT.7/RW.5, Melawai, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta City, Jakarta 12130, Indonesia



Rp18.000 – Rp91.000

Jam Buka
Rabu Open 24 hours
Kamis Open 24 hours
Jumat Open 24 hours
Sabtu Open 24 hours
Minggu Open 24 hours
Senin Open 24 hours
Selasa Open 24 hours

Jam Sibuk 20:00, 19:00, 21:00


Nice place to eat. All you can eat, nice service and comfortable environment and lots of choices. You cant really see a sign “Sakuratei” in the outside but come into the building then you will see the entrance of the restaurant. I suggest putting a sign, outside the building’s entrance

Pretty cheap for all you can eat, which open for 24 hours. The meat is just OK, but the toilet is totally a mess.. dirty and no tissue

The place’s quiet good. It is small and not really much choices for the variants of meat, but, considering its only been 8 months old, this place is doin good. Im pretty much satisfied with the quality of food and their service. Its all been great experience for me BUT, the music they played inside the restaurant is my biggest letdown. Kinda like teenagers “lets-get-drunk-cheappo-clubbin” kind of music. Other than that, i have no problem whatsoever. Good food, reasonable price, great service from all the staff. Thank u guys!

only good thing about this place is some of the servers i interacted with were responsive and helpful. the food was terrible and i tried a lot of them. even the ice cream was so bad, i never knew that ice cream could ever be bad, matcha ice …

Good place to have an all you can eat Japanese Bbq and shabu-shabu. Meat selection is limited, meat quality is average but quite good. They and ok sauce selection for dipping and good selection of side dishes. Place is small and clean, Staff is friendly and good service.

Cheap and quite satisfied for the choice menu. Here it is open 24 hours! for those who want to eat as much as you want for 90 minutes

Daftar Menu



Sakura Special Roll82.800
Fresh Roll90.850
Beef Teriyaki Roll63.250
Flossy Roll87.400
Shisamo Roll63.250
Shisamo Roll63.250
Salmon Maki40.250
Volcano Roll89.700
Spicy Sakura Roll86.250