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Rumah Minang – Kembangan Selatan

Lokasi dan Kontak

18 & 18A Kandahar Street, Singapore 198884

Nasi Padang


Rp6.000 – Rp30.000

Jam Buka
Rabu 8:30AM–7:30PM
Kamis 8:30AM–7:30PM
Jumat 8:30AM–7:30PM
Sabtu 8:30AM–7:30PM
Minggu 8:30AM–7:30PM
Senin 8:30AM–7:30PM
Selasa 8:30AM–7:30PM

Jam Sibuk 12:00, 13:00, 11:00


Love eating here, their food hits the right balances of spicy, sour, sweet, and lemak for me. Very busy during lunch time, highly recommend coming here for meal of in the area.

6 star out of 5. It is that good. The best Minang food I know anywhere, even in Indonesia. If I had to eat something every single day in my life and never get bored, it would be the Nasi Padang here. Consistent quality everyday. Very highly recommended. Deserves a Michelin star ??

Food is very good n varied.
Busy place, nice staff. Deserts n drinks good too.

Great food, reasonable price, nice environment upstairs with air cond. Peak hour at lunch time w office staff and tourist. $6 for rice w 5 veg + kueh $1.50

OMG this place is a must try!!!!! We had lunch here 3 days in a row!!! Love it..Gets crowded during lunch so try to reach there by 12pm and you won’t really need to wait in line that long. They have an upstairs seating area as well but didn’t check that out as we always managed to get a place downstairs. Go try it!!!

Tasty traditional Malay food. Not too spicy but tasty. Inexpensive and service is friendly. Limited seats during lunch hour.

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Nasi Rames Daging30.000
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