Foto Menu & Review Rm Sop Iga Pochie – Cengkareng Barat – Cengkareng

Rm Sop Iga Pochie – Cengkareng Barat

Lokasi dan Kontak

The ICON BSD City Jalan Horizon Broadway M6 No.8, Sampora, Kec. Cisauk, Tangerang, Banten 15345, Indonesia



Rp5.000 – Rp66.000

Jam Buka
Rabu 9:30AM–9PM
Kamis 9:30AM–9PM
Jumat 9:30AM–9PM
Sabtu 9:30AM–9PM
Minggu 9:30AM–9PM
Senin 9:30AM–9PM
Selasa 9:30AM–9PM

Jam Sibuk 13:00, 12:00, 19:00


This place surprisingly great. Tried for the first time. Ac available inside. Smoking area outside available. Tried their broccoli with iga and its taste great, price 32k. Toilet available. Good cleanliness

Recommended for its size and price, taste is good as well

Tried the blackpepper ribs and the meat is so juicy, very recommended

Tasty but kinda expensive for a pair of small ribs

Nice and cozy place for rather oldies segment, foods are ok

Tried once and hooked. ??

Daftar Menu



Sop Iga42.000
Sop Iga Asam Pedas42.000
Iga Goreng Manis54.000
Iga Goreng Bumbu Sate54.000
Iga Goreng Sambel Mangga54.000
Iga Goreng Sambel Mangga54.000
Iga Goreng Mix 3 Rasa60.000
Iga Panggang Barbeque66.000
Iga Panggang Black Papper66.000