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Po Noodle Bar – Melawai

Lokasi dan Kontak

Jl. Prof. Joko Sutono SH No.7B, Petogogan, Kec. Kby. Baru, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12160, Indonesia


Rp10.000 – Rp148.000

Jam Buka
Senin Closed
Selasa 11AM–4PM6–11PM
Rabu 11AM–4PM6–11PM
Kamis 11AM–4PM6–11PM
Jumat 11AM–4PM6PM–12AM
Sabtu 10AM–4PM6PM–12AM
Minggu 10AM–4PM6PM–12AM



This authentic themed restaurant in South Jakarta harbors an unexpected delicious and original oriental recipe noodle and side dishes such as minced beef, chicken, and wonton.
There are 2 selections of noodle : Dry and Wet, in which have different selection of seasonings. With affordable price, its around 120 for 2 persons

My favorites are the dry noodle, the beef rice, and the chicken chop. Love the ambience as well, but the music was a bit too loud for a hectic place like that. Other than that, i had a great time there. Keep up the good work

Nice chinese ambience, small place but the layout is great. There are many variation of seating place from bar, mini table, to sofa. The noodle is nice and chewy but their broth lack of something. Overall it s still nice dish. Their brisket beef is great, the tofu skin is nice and crispy.

A good place for eating noodle.. The portion rather small tho.. But then you can order All of their side dishes which is also tasty..

Tried the broth noodle and it is exquisite! Got the so called brisket to accompany it and tofu skin and they are a perfect companion. You should also order the extra brisket as they have a different sauce that is also nice and different

Great place for noodles. The ambience is great, and the food is also great. Simple menu choices, nothing too complicated. In a way, it looks a bit like my grandma’s place. Brings back the memories.

Daftar Menu



Ja Mian ‘Dry’35.000
Niurou ‘Beef’40.000
Mapo Doufu ‘Vegan Option’39.000
Xia ‘Prawn’39.000
Niurou ‘Beef’32.000
Niurou ‘Beef’32.000
Ya ‘Duck’32.000
Egg Custard13.000
Ji ‘Chicken’32.000