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Pizzeria Cavalese – Mall Of Indonesia

Lokasi dan Kontak

TB SR, Ruko Green Lake Sunter, Jl. Danau Sunter Selatan, RT.15/RW.16, Sunter Agung, Tj. Priok, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 14350, Indonesia

Pizza & Pasta


Rp11.000 – Rp198.000

Jam Buka
Senin 11AM–10PM
Selasa 11AM–10PM
Rabu 11AM–10PM
Kamis 11AM–10PM
Jumat 11AM–11PM
Sabtu 11AM–11PM
Minggu 11AM–10PM

Jam Sibuk 20:00, 19:00, 21:00


Nice place, good pizza, good service. Good drinks also. There are 3 floors with a balcony on 2nd floor for smokers. A VIP room can be booked on the 3rd floor. Pasta is great as well.

I don’t usually write reviews, but I’m making it a point to do one because of a terrible experience. My family and I are frequent customers of Pizzeria Cavalese because we live in the area and as VEGETARIANS with serious aversions to meat and animal products, we are normally pretty satisfied with their selection. However, we can safely say that we will NEVER return to this restaurant again because their failure to pay close attention to our dietary restrictions and serve us meat when we had CLEARLY ordered the vegetarian option. It’s pointless to even put the “green leaf” sign on the menu when the team can’t even handle such options. The waiter that attended to us seemed very unbothered by this mistake and proceeded like it was not a big deal. The manager too, tried to dismiss the issue by providing a voucher which we were most certainly not interested in. My family and I are so EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED with this facility’s recklessness and the overall lack of quality control and do not recommend this restaurant to any vegetarian/vegans or persons with dietary restrictions as they are incapable of attending to these needs. I highly urge the owner of this establishment to review the performance of the manager since clearly can’t manage the staff or the orders of each table and getting the food mixed up. Very very disappointed.

One ruko shop, established in 2015.
Nice interior n ambience.
We tried Chicken pollo pizza n seafood risotto. Love the risotto, the sour of tomato is quite dominant, makes it tastier then the cheesy ones. The pizza is garnished with onion …

Great pizza that worth the effort to go and try it. The taste and the quality is amazing and the price is quite good, moreover they have some promotions. The service is very polite and the ambiance is very good too. Very recomendable.

Super good pizza and pasta. Small little comfortable place. Perfect to celebrate intimate important date.

Enjoyed both the pasta and pizza at this Italian restaurant. Worth the visit. ??

Daftar Menu



Shroomie Soup38.500
Sud Tirol Salad45.000
Cesare Salad50.000
Beetie Orange Salad45.000
Mango Salad50.000
Mango Salad50.000
Zuppa Di Patate30.000
Garlic Flat Breat35.000
Fried Calamari45.000