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Pecel Ayam Dewi Medan – Bendungan Hilir

Lokasi dan Kontak

Jalan Wajir No.2-K, A U R, Kec. Medan Maimun, Kota Medan, Sumatera Utara 20151, Indonesia

Aneka Ayam


Rp3.000 – Rp32.000

Jam Buka
Minggu 5–10PM
Senin 5–10PM
Selasa 5–10PM
Rabu 5–10PM
Kamis 5–10PM
Jumat 5–10PM
Sabtu 5–10PM

Jam Sibuk 19:00, 18:00, 19:00


delicious seafood for me and friends. my friend ia in love with the Dendeng. so crowded

Very simple dishes thattaste like home-cooked! Prices are affordable and is worth the food. Took around 15-20 mins for food to be served. Super crowded when it’s late at night. Dendeng and Ayam Sambal Hijau are a must here!(for spicy eater only)

Always good and fresh food. Simple yet tasty food

It is quiet surprising how ordinary menus have a 5 stars taste!

Nice for daily meals.. cheap and delicious

Good food n services

Daftar Menu



Pecel Ayam23.000
Ayam Penyet + Nasi + Sambal Ijo23.000
Nila + Nasi19.000
Soto Ayam + Nasi20.000
Soto Ayam + Nasi20.000
Paket Ayam Penyet + Nasi + Tahu32.000
Pecel Lele + Nasi Putih + Tempe Goreng22.000
Lele Goreng15.000