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Nasi Tim Ayauw – Kota

Lokasi dan Kontak

Ps. Jaya Pagi, Jl. Ps. Pagi Raya, Roa Malaka, Tambora, West Jakarta City, Jakarta 11230, Indonesia

Masakan Tiong Hwa

Rp35.000 – Rp40.000

Jam Buka
Sabtu 5:45AM–3PM
Minggu 5:45AM–3PM
Senin 5:45AM–3PM
Selasa 5:45AM–3PM
Rabu 5:45AM–3PM
Kamis 5:45AM–3PM
Jumat 5:45AM–3PM

Jam Sibuk 8:00, 9:00, 10:00


Best Nasi Tim in Jakarta
This is the ‘best’ Nasi Tim in Jakarta. The taste is absolutely delicious. I suggest that you order extra raw egg yolk topping, it will give creamy taste to the dish.
The location is on 2nd floor of morning market. For the first time, you will need some time as it is a little bit hidden.
It is such a hit that people have been opening fake branches in other parts of Jakarta.


The food itself is very very delicious,
if u just want to fill your stomach better find another vendor.

5 stars for taste
2 stars for the price
the owner itself doesn’t have any quality service beside its fast.

It tasted good with unexpectedly huge portion. I want to come back there!

The food is nothing special really. And grossly overpriced. You have to part with Rp 40.000 of your hard-earned money to eat steamed rice with chicken and egg yolk. But see it as a respite from the madness unfolding just below the stairs.

This steamed rice with chicken is next level! You have to order with raw egg. And you have to put coriander leaves (wansui) on top. This is truly unlike any other I’ve tried before. The rice is quite firm, unlike the soft mushy kinds we …

Legend of Chicken Rice at China Town Jakarta Area. Located in Pasar Pagi Kompleks. Very Famous in China Town area. Now they have open branches across Jakarta @pasarmuarakarang @greenville @tamanpalem @itcmanggadua etc

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Nasi Tim35.000
Nasi Hainam40.000