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Nasi Goreng Special Soto Ayam Suramadu – Cengkareng Barat

Lokasi dan Kontak

Jalan Tol Suramadu, Tambak Wedi, Kenjeran, Kota SBY, Jawa Timur 60126, Indonesia

Nasi Goreng


Rp6.000 – Rp28.000

Jam Buka

Jam Sibuk 17:00, 16:00, 17:00


Beautiful views of the sea esp when Sunset/Sunrise, with many maduran mini boats . Suramadu with its beautiful architecture design and long road will always give us nice memory about it and unforgettable feeling experiences.

A beautiful and long bridge crosses over the sea, the wind blows very hard and … amazing

Earnings memory to one of iconic bridges in Surabaya-Madura, East Java. It marks as the longest bridge and Indonesia. I feel awesome!

Free entryway
Recommended passings during sunrises and sunsets

It’s an iconic bridge that connected between Surabaya and Madura. It takes about 7 to 10 minutes to cross the bridge by motorcycle or car. It’s a free highway.

It’s beautiful when we see the sea. Or when get dark, Suramadu Bridge will light and more beautiful.

It is one of the iconic places in Surabaya. Well, it’s the one connecting Surabaya to Madura Island, making it easier to travel. In the past, I used to take a ferry to go to Madura so I’m happy that we now have the bridge. Since early this year, its also free to use the bridge.

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Soto Ayam18.900
Soto Daging22.050
Soto Ayam18.900
Soto Babat22.500
Soto Daging22.050
Soto Daging22.050
Paket Soto Babat26.000
Paket Soto Daging27.500
Paket Soto Ayam25.500