Foto Menu & Review Momozen – The Plaza – Menteng

Momozen – The Plaza

Lokasi dan Kontak

The Plaza 46th Floor, Jalan M.H. Thamrin Kav 28-30, RT.9/RW.5, Gondangdia, Kec. Menteng, Jakarta, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 10350, Indonesia Located in: Plaza Indonesia

Daging Sapi


Rp30.000 – Rp5.900.000

Jam Buka
Jumat 12–3PM6–10:30PM
Sabtu 12–3PM6–10:30PM
Minggu 12–3PM6–10:30PM
Senin 12–3PM6–10:30PM
Selasa 12–3PM6–10:30PM
Rabu 12–3PM6–10:30PM
Kamis 12–3PM6–10:30PM



Very enjoyable authentic japanese beef + truffle, and all other truffle infused food. Can’t wait to be back!

Love the baby chicken rice, and the service!

I love truflle, for me anykind of food with truffle will turns out to be amazing. That is why this place is the correct place for me to dine and enjoy various kind of dishes with truffle.

Momozen located in the plaza office tower level 46 with amazing night view that u don’t want to miss. a perfect place for a special occasion with your family or friends or even special ones.

here are some menu that I tried and I love there :

1. sweet corn from hokkaido, oh yes this corn is special because they imported the corn directly from Hokkaido and they put truffle oil I guess because I could smell the heavenly aroma of truffle and the taste was so good!

2. Truffle somen with caviar

the portion is quite small , oh well this is a semi fine dining restaurant so no wonder. the tast was amazing, with truffle, caviar and a little touch of gold on the top. Fancy and Yummy

It was gone in 1 hap and I can still remember how good the taste until now.

3. toro pizza

this is not just an ordinary pizza, the bottom layer was so thin and crispy with tuna on the top, not fishy at all

4. Master Kobe Shioagama Beef comes with several condiments that created different taste , among the selections, I prefer to use the one with truffle oil. but it was good without any condiment, so juicy and tender. but unfortunatelly there was a piece that a little bit has too strong smell of beef

5. baby chic truffle rice

there is a special offer for this menu, basically it was a whole baby chicken with truffle rice in the center. the moisture of the chicken was matched with my preference , also the taste. it was quite tasty and matched with the truffle rice. the time to serve this menu is a little bit long like approx 35 mins. so if you are about to dine here with the whole family you better order in advance when you do a reservation.

it was trully an amazing experience for me, and totally wanna come back for sure.

thought it’s a japanese, but turns out it’s more french rather than japanese. the truffle pasta is to die for. and the egg thing i forget the name but oh so good.

Situated on the 46th floor on The Plaza building, Momozen was a pleasant dining experience. I had been wanting to try their Truffle Somen for a while, and it didn’t disappoint. The flavor was subtle and delicate. I ordered a few other …

Everything is just on point and so so good. Worth every penny. Service is of course excellent, even the corkage fee is also good. ??

Daftar Menu



Truffle Donabe Gohan380.000
Additional Fresh Truffle80.000
Wagyu Beef ‘100Gram’350.000
Grilled Foie Gras140.000
Truffle Scrambled Egg80.000
Truffle Scrambled Egg80.000
Corn Sweet Corn60.000
Truffle Toast60.000
Truffle Edamame60.000