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Kopi Kecil – Kemang

Lokasi dan Kontak

Jalan Kayu Putih Raya Kav.1 No. 1, RT.8/RW.8, Pulo Gadung, Kec. Pulo Gadung, Kota Jakarta Timur, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 13260, Indonesia


Rp15.000 – Rp342.000

Jam Buka
Senin 7AM–10PM
Selasa 7AM–10PM
Rabu 7AM–10PM
Kamis 7AM–10PM
Jumat 7AM–10PM
Sabtu 7AM–10PM
Minggu 7AM–10PM

Jam Sibuk 16:00, 17:00, 18:00


Kopi Kecil.
It is the name of a cafe that serves a variety of coffee drinks. This place is an alternative for those who like to drink coffee but feel bored to sit in a coffee shop located in a mall or at any shopping center or office building.

What is sold at this cafe is drinks and food like you want to drink coffee plus cookies, or added with pastries.
Of course, in addition to coffee, they also provide a variety of drinks ranging from hot to cold drinks.

There is no distinctive feature of this place but transparent glass that looks from the outside or from the street is one way to invite customers to stop by and try coffee or just have a light breakfast there.

This place is also suitable for small meetings or places to hang out,
and for sure there’s a free wifi connection for you.

this place is comfy, the barista is really friendly, and the coffee? i have no doubt that it’s a good quality coffee, because i was a barista myself. don’t get intimidated by the name though, because this specific branch is pretty big and spacious.

This is a decent and comfortable place to hangout with your friends. The coffee is good and the place got its own style. The price is decent, its not overrated at all. For the pro coffee lovers tho, this place maybe not really good. But for …

Price range very acceptable for coffee. Cozy small place.

Lovely coffee shop with adorable price, nice place to enjoying a sip of coffee with your crazy friends..

As it name suggests, it was a very comfortable small place in a lot far from the main road. It has spacious parking lot, green environment, and great interior.
They have unique way of queue system for your orders which is a gadget that would notice you when your order is ready. Due to my coffee consumption is more than enough when I visited, I only order some snack which is delicious and satisfying enough.
If you’re looking for a good spot to take pictures, this place has its classy looks if you could find the spot.

Daftar Menu



Ice Kopi Susu Manis Reguler19.000
Hot Kopi Hitam Reguler17.000
Hot Kopi Hitam Large24.000
Hot Kopi Susu Reguler19.000
Hot Kopi Susu Large27.000
Hot Kopi Susu Large27.000
Ice Kopi Susu Manis Large27.000
Ice Kopi Hitam Reguler17.000
Ice Kopi Hitam Large24.000