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Kopi Janji Jiwa – Golden Truly

Lokasi dan Kontak

RT.7/RW.1, Gn. Sahari Sel., Kec. Kemayoran, Kota Jakarta Pusat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 10610, Indonesia



Rp15.000 – Rp238.000

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This franchise coffee chain really growing this day. They pop up in many mall, many plaza and near many supermarket. Somehow i like their coffee, especially the soy coffee late. The things I want to share was my experience with their staff. Last week i went to Grand Pramuka Square Mall and found there’s Kopi Janji Jiwa stall near Lotte Mart. I came and want to ordered but they refuse to make my ordered. The staff says they’re on rest so they won’t do the job. It’ll took 30 minutes for them to take a rest. OK, fine. I came back another 30 minutes and ordered. But, still they don’t moved. The staff are laying inside the stall and playing their phone while answering me, others are eating snack and talking each other while I there and don’t feel disturb when I was there. So, I go home empty handed. Feel sooo disappointed with their services. I don’t know is there really a rest time that customer can’t ordered? There’s 5 staff and no one are willing to pleases the customer. Hopefully they can improve their services or at last, maybe they can try to train their franchisee’s staff to be polite and serve with all of their heart.

This place is very nice & waiters are all humble and polite. So i am happy going here. (not like other branch store.)
Here in Golden Truly’s branch is always nice. Big applause for the owner of this branch. ????????
Going back here, …

Nice place

Great coffee


Good coffee

Daftar Menu



Earl Grey18.000
Brown Sugar Earl Grey Milk Tea25.000
Soy Coffee Latte25.000
Soy Matcha Latte With Matcha Ice Cream30.000
Soy Matcha Latte28.000
Soy Matcha Latte28.000
Susu Hojicha25.000
Susu Matcha25.000