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Koo Kee Singapore Restaurant – Glodok

Lokasi dan Kontak

Citywalk Gajah Mada. RT.14/RW.1, RT.14/RW.1, Glodok, Taman Sari, West Jakarta City, Jakarta 11120, Indonesia Located in: Citywalk Gajah Mada

Masakan Tiong Hwa


Rp11.000 – Rp338.000

Jam Buka



Nice place to eat. Food tastes good and the price is not too expensive. Good portion.

i really love the CAKWE ??
Nb : sorry for the pict its SS from my IG.

The authentic Singapore Cuisine. The food itself were tasty and well presented. However, I want to criticize my Koo Kee Signature Meal.
Looks like the noodle is not tossed with oil. Usually, yam mie after cooked and strained, the cook will tossed it with oil (some with garlic oil, soy sauce, or chicken skin infused oil) to prevent the noodles from sticking to each other. So mine is rather guey and bland. You have to mixed the noodles with the topping/minced pork so you will get the saltiness.

The place is quite big and can contain approximately 40-50 people. However, i will still go back because I want to taste several menus from them. I have my bucket list for Singapore Koo Kee.

They serves chicken rice, laksa, fried rice, bakcang, chi Cong fan , can not have dim Sum here.and for the dessert they serve es cendol , bobo Cha Cha .nice place

Averagely all places of Singapore Koo Kee have same standards. And all is one word, Two Thumbs Up

Taste ok, not quite the Singapore style as they are lacking a lot of kinds of sauces that are used in Singapore food. Nice, clean place. Affordable.

Daftar Menu



Koo Kee Spesial Noodle75.300
Kway Teow Fen Sup68.700
Bee Hon Fen Sup68.700
Lau Su Fen Sup68.700
Hot Plate Bean Paste Yong Tow Foo With Rice72.600
Hot Plate Bean Paste Yong Tow Foo With Rice72.600
Hong Kong Style Fried Bean Curd55.500
Noodle With Minced Meat31.700
Quarter Hainanese Chicken108.300