Foto Menu & Review Kintan Buffet – Puri Indah Mall – Kembangan

Kintan Buffet – Puri Indah Mall

Lokasi dan Kontak

Indonesia, Jakarta, West Jakarta City, Kembangan, South Kembangan, Puri Indah Mall????: 11610 Located in: Puri Indah Mall

Aneka Nasi


Rp14.000 – Rp141.000

Jam Buka
Senin 10AM–10PM
Selasa 10AM–10PM
Rabu 10AM–10PM
Kamis 10AM–10PM
Jumat 10AM–10PM
Sabtu 10AM–10PM
Minggu 10AM–10PM

Jam Sibuk 19:00, 18:00, 20:00


Very expensive all you can eat restaurant. The beef and chicken taste great and there quite a lot of variation of side dishes. The choice for beverage is rather limited unfortunately. Also, the ice cream is very lacking despite the expensive price.

lil expensivee but worthhhiiitttt sooo yummmyyy

Good service but The size of kintan Karubi is not standard, some of them is very thin. Or maybe its just my bad day

Coming here with my husband for dinner. Nice place if you dont mind the smoke and self cooking ?? Price is a bit high but worth it

Fine taste… as for the price, depends on how much you can eat in 90 minutes.

A very affordable buffet, while also maintaining quality of the meat. And also i highly recommend that you try out the Chicken Karaage, they are like the best ????

Daftar Menu



Promo Combo Puas 2110.000
Promo Set Chicken for 271.500
Promo Set for 4140.800
Promo Set Beef for 279.200
Bean Sprout Namul18.700
Bean Sprout Namul18.700
Carbonara Udon + Chicken Karaage51.700
Carbonara Udon + Chicken Tempura51.700
Chawan Mushi18.700