Foto Menu & Review King Seafood – Duri Kepa – Kebonjeruk

King Seafood – Duri Kepa

Lokasi dan Kontak

Green Ville Blok AS No. 28 Rt. 006, RT.6/RW.14, Duri Kepa, Kebonjeruk, West Jakarta City, Jakarta 11510, Indonesia

Hidangan Laut


Rp8.000 – Rp105.000

Jam Buka
Senin 11AM–11PM
Selasa 11AM–11PM
Rabu 11AM–11PM
Kamis 11AM–11PM
Jumat 11AM–11PM
Sabtu 11AM–11PM
Minggu 11AM–11PM



Kepiting asap willbe a good choice

Good taste with reasonable price

The Seafood is great and the price is reasonable. Especially the King Crab is really Awesome!

Nice restaurant with good value for money. We spent 250K at the first visit ordering cumi goreng tepung, udang saus padang, tahu kipas, brokoli cah polos, udang rebus (300 gr), one rice, and 2 hot tea.
Taste wise is ok, portion also relatively enough for 2 person.
Udang saus padang need improvement on spice and hot level.
Tahu kipas is ok, but I expect more
Overall this is a reccomended place to grab some seafood in greenville area

Good sea food, reasonable price

Recommended place for family restaurant. Low price but delicious foods.
And i recommend for try smoke crab..

Daftar Menu



Kepiting Jantan Jumbo Per Ons Size 500Up40.700
Kepiting Jantan Super Jumbo Per Ons Size 700Up47.300
Kepiting Giant Per Ons Size 1Kg Up53.900
Ikan Bakar Kakap Merah Per Ons17.600
Ikan Bakar Kuwe Per Ons17.600
Ikan Bakar Kuwe Per Ons17.600
Ikan Bakar Baronang Per Ons18.700
Ikan Gurame Per Ons15.400
Ikan Bakar Sukang Per Ons17.600