Foto Menu & Review Harmonie Tea And Caffee – Kebon Kelapa – Gambir

Harmonie Tea And Caffee – Kebon Kelapa

Lokasi dan Kontak

Jalan Ir. Haji Juanda No.11A RT.14, RT.14/RW.4, Kb. Klp., Kecamatan Gambir, Kota Jakarta Pusat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 10120, Indonesia

Bubble Tea


Rp4.000 – Rp38.000

Jam Buka
Kamis 8AM–7PM
Jumat 8AM–7PM
Sabtu 8AM–7PM
Minggu 8AM–7PM
Senin 8AM–7PM
Selasa 8AM–7PM
Rabu 8AM–7PM



This Harmonie Tea focused on selling tea culture, so you could find many tea accessories to serve tea ala Chinese culture and high value tea. But for milk tea sold, this is the most delicious amongst dozens other bubble tea.
Since not focused on retail, this shop closed on Sunday and holidays.
Very reccomend to try Oolong milk tea, price from Rp 18.000 – Rp 38.000 for regular milk tea, and from Rp 55.000 – Rp 105.000 for premium chinese tea.

If you seek good quality of tea, this is the place! The price is quite Afordable but taste very good!

When i pass by, i saw their banner that said taiwanese speciality tea since 1939. So i choose to try their bubble tea, because so many …

I’m a regular bubble tea drinker (have tried many brands locally and overseas) and I have to say this place offers the best bubble tea ever. You can taste the real good quality of tea in it. Love their classic and authentic tea range. Favorite drink: taro green tea latte with real taro and matcha latte. It is on the fancier side of tea cafe but definitely worth it. Big fan. Please open another cafe somewhere else, preferably in the shopping center… Best of luck.

The texture of the drink is different from other drinks I found in other places. It is so smooth. The Chinese songs that play also make the time feels so antique and asia. I really don’t want to leave the place. I’d like to come back to TenRens someday.

A nice place for my friends and me. The price is so reasonable, the hospitality is so good, the tea is great. Unfortunately, why this place is so underated? The marketing team should work harder to promote this place.

One of hidden jewels in Jakarta. The tea was surprisingly good! They offer great quality tea with expensive prices, but I can assure you it is worth the money.

Daftar Menu



Jasmin Green Tea18.000
Pappermint Green Tea22.000
Black Tea18.000
Honey Green Tea21.000
Honey Black Tea22.000
Honey Black Tea22.000
Roselle Greem Tea22.000
Harmonie Oolong Tea26.000
Chrysanthenum Pu-Erh Tea29.000