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Gudeg Ibu Sudji – Manggarai

Lokasi dan Kontak

No. I & II, Jl. Dr. Saharjo, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12850, Indonesia



Rp6.000 – Rp42.000

Jam Buka
Kamis 8AM–8PM
Jumat 8AM–8PM
Sabtu 8AM–8PM
Minggu 8AM–8PM
Senin 8AM–8PM
Selasa 8AM–8PM
Rabu 8AM–8PM



One of authentic Gudeg restaurants in Jakarta.

Gudeg is a traditional Javanese cuisine from Jogja. Gudeg is made from young unripe jack fruit or “gori” in Javanese language stewed for several hours with palm sugar and coconut milk.

One of the nostalgic gudeg in the city.

The gudeg here was very tasty and delicious. However, there was no parking lot for car. You should park in the Pasaraya, then walk here.

Very recommended.

the best gudeg i’ve ever eated. no parking space, so you must park at pasaraya sarinah. the place is a bit dirty and small. free green cabai on the house. i like this place because you can add whatever you want, even in the middle of your eating ritual … LOL. if you’re gudeg lover, this place is a must visit one.

Indonesian Best Traditional Cuisine

The gudeg here is on the sweeter side than other gudeg places I like in Jakarta, but it has one of the most extensive selection of side dishes. My favorite is bunthil, a ball of papaya leaves with some seasoned grated coconut inside. Convenieny located just across Manggarai TransJakarta bus station, the gudeg stall is small (approx. 12 diners) and often crowded.

It doesn’t have to go to Jogya to enjoy original dishes, it has been present in Jakarta. Only coming to Manggarai. It’s located in front of Pasar Raya Department Store. Also near TransJakarta Busway Station. Making it easy to reach.
They …

Daftar Menu



gudeg & krecek30.000
Paket Nasi Gudeg + Krecek15.000
Paket Nasi Gudeg + Krecek + Jeroan33.000
Paket Nasi Gudeg + Krecek + Ayam42.000
Paket Nasi Gudeg + Krecek + Telor24.000
Paket Nasi Gudeg + Krecek + Telor24.000
Kepala Ayam/Paha Ceker Ayam Kampung15.000
Ayam Kampung ( Dada & Paha atas )28.000
Jero’an ( paru, babat & iso )18.000