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Fish & Chips House – Bendungan Hilir

Lokasi dan Kontak

Park Royal Executive Suites Tower 1, Jl. Gatot Subroto, RT.4/RW.2, Bendungan Hilir, Central Jakarta City, Jakarta 10210, Indonesia

Hidangan Laut


Rp18.000 – Rp95.000

Jam Buka
Rabu 11AM–10PM
Kamis 11AM–10PM
Jumat 11AM–10PM
Sabtu 11AM–10PM
Minggu 11AM–10PM
Senin 11AM–10PM
Selasa 11AM–10PM



A nice place for a fine dinning or lunch but with medium rate price…
And..it awesomely good taste. OMG.. you should try the salmpn double cheese…YUMMY to the MAX!!!

Home made fish and chips. For taste its better than the famous fish and chips.

Good food and reasonable price considering its location

Love the rica-rica sauce
The fish and shrimps are fresh
My son calls it a “hidden gem”… ??

Good taste and healthy food…! Really recommended…! ????

Taste is good… place is good… waitress are good… well, everything is good here ??????

Daftar Menu



Salmon Sambal Dabu Dabu + Nasi85.000
Salmon Thai + Nasi85.000
Salmon Teriyaki + Nasi85.000
Salmon Rica Rica + Nasi85.000
Salmon Saos Padang + Nasi85.000
Salmon Saos Padang + Nasi85.000
Salmon 100 Gr Sambal Balado + Nasi85.000
Salmon Sambal Matah+ Nasi85.000
Salmon Miso + Nasi85.000