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Epik Kebabs Singapore The Best – Meruya Selatan

Lokasi dan Kontak

8 Wilkie Rd, #01-17, Singapore 228095



Rp37.000 – Rp153.000

Jam Buka
Rabu 11AM–8:30PM
Kamis 11AM–8:30PM
Jumat 11AM–8:30PM
Sabtu 11AM–8:30PM
Minggu 11AM–8:30PM
Senin 11AM–8:30PM
Selasa 11AM–8:30PM



I normally don’t write reviews for fast food. However this place stands out. It is clean, friendly service, and much better than average food for the price. Thanks for the service and the good food. Very much suggested for everyone.

better than what i expect! smell good, taste good look good

Very nice kebabs here with good variety of options. Came here on weekend with my family

The best kebab Rice I had. Especially with the Epik Sauce. Use the delivery service and was delivered promptly. If you have a kebab craving should definitely try Epikebab out!

This shop was an accidental discovery. Their noodle kebab dish caught my eye – never before have i seen this type of thing. Tried it out with hubs last night. He ordered the rice. Both were very good. Prices are not pasar malamish but i …

This place has been around for a pretty long time and there is a reason why. Food is honest and good, nothing pretentious. Seem to have added new menu items over the years and most recently the Indomeat which is indomie with kebab meat(?!).

Daftar Menu



Kebab Roll Biasa37.000
Kebab Roll Biasa43.600
Kebab Roll Biasa43.600
Kebab Roll Besar51.500
Kebab Roll Besar58.100
Kebab Roll Besar58.100
Kebab Roll Besar58.100
Nasi Bumbu Arab46.200
Nasi Bumbu Arab51.500