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Depot Mie 168 – Kelapa Gading

Lokasi dan Kontak

Jalan Gading Elok Raya Utara Blok FA2 No. 7, Kelapa Gading Timur, Kelapa Gading, RT.15/RW.11, Klp. Gading Tim., Jakarta Utara, Kota Jkt Utara, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 14240, Indonesia



Rp11.000 – Rp60.000

Jam Buka
Rabu 7AM–5PM
Kamis 7AM–5PM
Jumat 7AM–5PM
Sabtu 7AM–5PM
Minggu 7AM–5PM
Senin 7AM–5PM
Selasa 7AM–5PM



I will definitely come here, if I have no where to go. During my visit, the noodle didn’t mix well with the ingredients, it’s tasteless, and the soup broth taste just like plain water.

I don’t know what happened, even the sticky rice taste different from the usual. It still look big and full of chicken meat, however, I still found some ingredients are missing, such as coriander. They are suppose to be authentic Javaness cooking style.

Maybe you get better luck when you eat here.

We ordered tendon noodle with thick noodle. The thick was chewy in a good thing, just the way I like. Beef tendon was super tender. Actually it tasted good, but you gotta add more seasoning to it.

Try Song Mie, with chicken, big mushrooms, a lot of fried onion, and a shrimp, with thick soup. Rp. 32.000. Not too salty. Good for ones who dieting.

Decided to have noodle for lunch, me and my office mates decided to give Pangsit Mie & Lemper Ayam Special 168 a go ????????. This restaurant serves all food without pork nor lard. Actually i’m more curious about their chicken lemper …

Surabayan style bakmi with plenty of toppings to enjoy.

shallots, which is atypical to bakmi surabaya, make the bakmi different from the rest of other noodle soups.

the yellow rice lemper is no less scrumptious. it is spicy and full of flavour. the size of it is larger than most lempers. still retain the taste of lemper but a bit more twists.

hopefully to come back whenever i am around Kelapa gading area.

the location isnt far from mall Kelapa gading, relatively easy to find.

price is ok and serving size is pretty generous.

The noodle itself just ok, but the topping is very rich, price is ok too

Daftar Menu



Pangsit Mie Ayam40.000
Mie Bakwan40.000
Pangsit Mie Ayam Jamur45.000
Mie Bakwan Jamur45.000
Song Mie Ayam45.000
Song Mie Ayam45.000
Lemper Ayam Spesial 16811.000
Mie Otot Daging Kisi Sapi60.000
Pangsit Kuah 5 Biji40.000