Foto Menu & Review D’Consulate Lounge – Menteng – Menteng

D’Consulate Lounge – Menteng

Lokasi dan Kontak

Wahid Hasyim St No.49, RT.1/RW.4, Gondangdia, Menteng, Central Jakarta City, Jakarta 10350, Indonesia

Masakan Timur Tengah


Rp81.000 – Rp148.000

Jam Buka
Selasa 11AM–2AM
Rabu 11AM–2AM
Kamis 11AM–2AM
Jumat 11AM–2AM
Sabtu 11AM–2AM
Minggu 11AM–2AM
Senin 11AM–2AM

Jam Sibuk 20:00, 21:00, 19:00


I just can’t with the smokers, free smoke inside the restaurant and i dont feel good aboit it

I like this place. Good is good. Restaurant environment is also good.

Decent shisha. Nice chilled vibe. They accept credit card too. The Cheesecake we ordered wasn’t cheesecake.

Decent place but the food price is higher than served.

Had dinner with friends there last night, and to be honest I’ll give it an average rating. The Mushroom soup, the kabab, the mindi and the bread were nice. Mutabal was horrible! I mean this is one of the most basic Arabic dish you could ever prepare and serve. First, It was the last dish brought to the table and naturally you think the delay was because it was being prepared fresh and it was going to be worth the long wait but no. It was COLD and tasteless to say the least! I’ve never tasted any food that could resemble what I was served last night in the name of mutabal. Absolutely horrible. We had so much bread left and we even order extra bread to eat it with the mutabal. So I called over two waitresses, told them to take the mutabal back, add salt, garlic, tahini sauce and lemons juice. Two mints later, the dish was brought back and they changed nothing. Instead they gave me salt and said “ if you want you could add salt to your liking” I mean come on! I swear it was just awful. We have paid for this dish, and bread and we just left it without eating even after I tried to make them change it a bit. FiX YOUR MUTABAL!!!!!!

Nicest atmosphere after a feel of longest hours in my life to be dealt with in Jakarta…I felt serenity in this place that I cannot describe…

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Kabsah Rice With Chicken123.565
Biryani Rice With Chicken123.565
Biryani Rice With Lamb147.741
Mandi Rice With Lamb147.741
Kabsah Rice With Lamb147.741
Kabsah Rice With Lamb147.741
Mandi Rice With Chicken123.565
Alfredo Con Funghi Pizza Large146.520
Alfredo Con Funghi Pizza Small80.586