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Foto Menu & Review Choipan Sutra – Sunter Agung – Tanjung Priok

Choipan Sutra – Sunter Agung

Lokasi dan Kontak

Jalan Danau Sunter Utara Blok R No.32, RT.1/RW.19, Sunter Agung, Tanjung Priok, North Jakarta City, Jakarta 14350, Indonesia

Masakan Tiong Hwa


Rp4.000 – Rp43.000

Jam Buka
Selasa 9AM–8PM
Rabu 9AM–8PM
Kamis 9AM–8PM
Jumat 9AM–8PM
Sabtu 9AM–8PM
Minggu 9AM–8PM
Senin 9AM–8PM

Jam Sibuk 18:00, 17:00, 13:00


Choipan Sutra means a kind of dumpling with soft transparent skin that is why it is called Sutra or Silk in English. Located in the shopping area of ??Sunter Agung, North Jakarta City.

For me, this place is more suitable to be called a cafe instead of a restaurant. The room is small but clean and comfortable for eating.
There are 3 kinds of choipan menu, they are chopped chives, taro, and jicama cormus or pachyrizus erosus in latin.

All this Choipan is suitable for Vegetarian people because there’s no meat or things from the animal.
But you can find “shomay” or “dim sum” that made of chicken and shrimp.
For the drink, you can order fresh-squeezed orange or drink in the bottle.

In the wall of the restaurant, there’s a shelf that displayed all things to cook, like syrup, corn and other things for your kitchen.

If you come to this place after 6pm you might have no chance to try this Choipan, mostly sold out.

Place is not as i expected … More like a souvenir shop than its a small restaurant. Only got da 3 regular fillings: kuchai, bangkwang n taroyam … No others. So sad a place with its namesake should have the most complete of fillings n …

Recommend to Order Directly for mass quantity
Uyen is superb !

Delicious choi pan! Passion you can taste!

I luff it with texture and taste??????


Daftar Menu



Choipan Sutra Isi Bengkoang4.000
Choipan Sutra Isi Talas4.000
Choipan Sutra Isi Kuchai4.000
Siomay Bandung Isi 325.500
Siomay Bandung Isi 542.500
Siomay Bandung Isi 542.500
Uyen Toping Kacang9.500
Pisang Goreng22.000
Tahu Goreng14.000