Foto Menu & Review Bubur Ayam Parantina Cabang Unpad Jatinangor – Jati – Pulogadung

Bubur Ayam Parantina Cabang Unpad Jatinangor – Jati

Lokasi dan Kontak

Jl. Raya Jatinangor, Cikeruh, Kec. Jatinangor, Kabupaten Sumedang, Jawa Barat 45363, Indonesia



Rp5.000 – Rp30.000

Jam Buka
Minggu 6–9:30AM
Senin Closed
Selasa 6–9:30AM
Rabu 6–9:30AM
Kamis 6–9:30AM
Jumat 6–9:30AM
Sabtu 6–9:30AM



One of best porridge in Bandung, the signature of this dish is the condiment and additional. Provide the customer with fried spinach, emping and also dry chilly. The texture of porride is more liquid compare to other but the taste is champion. The price also reasonable with only 12K will fulfil your breakfast. ????

The chicken porridge served here is based on Chinese style, not to thick and so tasty even without any additional sauce (ketchup). The price is affordable, regular size of the chicken porridge will cost you IDR 10k. I usually order chicken porridge with egg and it’s only 13k.

It’s one good option for breakfast in jatinangor. Chicken rice porridge with their specialty add on : spinach cracker and burning hot dried chilli powder. ??

Like it…. The chili powder make it better mixed with bayam crackers

The porridge itself is already tasty. As a spicy lover, I could eat this without the chilli. But, the chilli is different because it is dry chilli and it taste spicier than the other chilli (sambal). You could ask the chicken skin, and other things than the chicken meat as the toppings. For your information, they don’t give you orange crackers like other porridge, but they usually prepare emping (gotta spend more money for this). But I think this is the most delicious porridge in East Jakarta. Fyi, this porridge comes from Jatinangor near Padjadjaran University.

Bubur ayam parantina, bubur ayam amanda, bubur ayam fay, and maybe many more.

Great porridge place. Serve many kinds of toppings: chicken intestine, quail egg, embryonic chicken egg, etc.

Best with the spice (the dried chilly), but dont put too much or youll regret it!

Daftar Menu



Bubur Ayam Spesial25.000
Bubur Ayam Komplit30.000
Bubur Ayam Telur20.000
Bubur Ayam16.000
Bubur Ayam Kulit20.000
Bubur Ayam Kulit20.000
Bubur Ayam Ati Ampela20.000
Bubur Polos12.000