Foto Menu & Review Boja Eatery – Pluit – Penjaringan

Boja Eatery – Pluit

Lokasi dan Kontak

Jl. Pluit Putra No.18, RT.6/RW.6, Pluit, Kec. Penjaringan, Kota Jkt Utara, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 14450, Indonesia

Aneka Nasi


Rp15.000 – Rp375.000

Jam Buka
Minggu 11AM–10PM
Senin 11AM–10PM
Selasa 11AM–10PM
Rabu 11AM–10PM
Kamis 11AM–10PM
Jumat 11AM–10PM
Sabtu 11AM–10PM

Jam Sibuk 14:00, 19:00, 15:00


We went here for lunch and a little observation to the interior design. Food was absolutely mediocre. It’s a little over-priced with that kind of presentation and taste. I don’t say that it’s not delicious, it was ok, however it wasn’t worth the price. Place was cozy with good ambience because it’s bright inside. You have to make a reservation before coming here even though it’s not so full when I came here. It’s probably just a marketing strategy to make people think it’s over popular. Overall it was a relatively good experience. If the owner or the manager reads this review, I’d like to suggest an improvement to your menu. ??

The food and dessert is good.
But you must reserve by phone before going to this restaurant. Since it’s quite new restaurant, the booking process also takes time, I need to book via phone 3 times to ensure your name is listed in the …

Do people came here purely for a picture or what? The only time I went there and there won’t be a second. Their service was super slow and bad, it took me 4 times of calling the waiter and almost 15 mins waiting to finally have a bottle of water served.
Ordered 4 or 5 dishes, none of them tasted good.
Definitely overpriced.
Try at your own risk.

Actually it was quite OK. Decoration and interior is beautifully designed.
Service is OK.

Food is also decent, the claypot rice taste the best compared to the other.

We have a wine that we cannot finish to celebrate our wedding …

Great food, loving the atmosphere and definitely surprised by the affordable price ??

Aside from the decor I think the food is just alright. People come here for the ambiance and to take pictures.
Service could be better and more attentive. Food quality is okay but the flavours are a bit off for me. I would only recommend the shrimp head. The rest is just okay.

Daftar Menu



Boja Fish Silky Soup105.000
Salmon Tom Yum105.000
Crispy Prawn Head With Sriracha Mayo55.000
Moo Ping Pork Skewers80.000
Nai Nai Kroket50.000
Nai Nai Kroket50.000
Tofu Bomb55.000
Pop Pork55.000
Bai Tong Ki Tofu55.000