Foto Menu & Review Bakmi Terang Bulan ‘Sin Chiaw Lok’ – Duri Kepa – Kebonjeruk

Bakmi Terang Bulan ‘Sin Chiaw Lok’ – Duri Kepa

Lokasi dan Kontak

Blok AS No.37, Jl. Ratu Kemuning, RT.12/RW.13, Duri Kepa, Kebonjeruk, West Jakarta City, Jakarta 11510, Indonesia



Rp22.000 – Rp49.000

Jam Buka
Sabtu 7AM–6:30PM
Minggu 7AM–6:30PM
Senin 7AM–6:30PM
Selasa 7AM–6:30PM
Rabu 7AM–6:30PM
Kamis 7AM–6:30PM
Jumat 7AM–6:30PM



Favorite place to eat bakmi in palembang is available in Jakarta, even though its not as good as the original branch in Palembang, but it still has grrat taste.

The place is not too big, quite comfortable, but not for sitting for a long time.

Their pangsit goreng is a must try!!!

It’s a good break from the western food

Not very similar noodle rather than the origin one at the palembang,but still ok

Very nice noodles and wontoon

Bakmi Terang Bulan a.k.a. Sin Chiaw Lok is originally from Palembang & has been established since 1943. This noodle stall serving various choices perfect for breakfast: noodles, wide noodles (bakmi lebar), kwetiau, rice vermicelli. There are 4 toppings available: pork chasiu, minced pork, chicken mushroom & boiled chicken (ayam kampung rebus). You can pick noodles with 1 topping, 2 & 4 toppings. My personal favorite are the minced pork & chicken mushroom. The noodle is thin & slightly chewy, well-seasoned with nice aroma of pork lard. Yummm ??

We also tried the porridge with minced pork, which came in shape of mini meatballs – they’re indeed very delicious meatballs! The porridge is the plain homey type, so for tastier meal you’ll need to add the soy sauce & chili sauce if you like it spicy. I personally love the plain style porridge so it suits me the way it is.

Good place for eat noodles. They have a good taste

Daftar Menu



Bakmi Biasa Chasiau32.000
Bakmi Lebar Chasiau32.000
Bakmi Biasa Daging Cincang32.000
Bakmi Lebar Daging Cincang32.000
Bakmi Ayam Jamur32.000
Bakmi Ayam Jamur32.000
Bakmi Lebar Ayam Jamur32.000
Bakmi Biasa Ayam Kampung32.000
Bakmi Lebar Ayam Kampung32.000