Foto Menu & Review Ayam Penyet Ibu Ana – Karet – Setiabudi

Ayam Penyet Ibu Ana – Karet

Lokasi dan Kontak

Seksyen 4 Bandar Baru Bangi, 43650 Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor, Malaysia

Aneka Ayam


Rp2.000 – Rp42.000

Jam Buka
Jumat 11AM–11PM
Sabtu 11AM–11PM
Minggu 11AM–11PM
Senin 11AM–11PM
Selasa 11AM–11PM
Rabu 11AM–11PM
Kamis 11AM–11PM

Jam Sibuk 14:00, 13:00, 20:00


I grew up in this area. So make sure you wash your hand otherwise you might want to come back here again for a good Ayam Penyet(chicken that is smash). The Sambal(sauce) is homemade. So before you eat that a lot. You might wanna take a sip of it first. Cause it’s a god damn delicious. Tell me if I’m wrong.

The food was good, however the cleanliness needs to be upheld more as it is a local attraction for bangi people. There are selected few items on the menu to choose for ranging from chicken and fish. Unfortunately, there’s no beef option. Final say, it is a decent eatery with good food. Keep it up.

It used to taste great, but now just so-so.

5 star for the food, 4 star for the environment and 2 star for the drink price.

taste good spicy chili gravy it hot. but place not hygiene.

My fav place to eat while im study 4 years ago. Delicious Nasi Ayam Penyet.

Daftar Menu



ikan bandeng presto25.000
Ayam Penyet Paha + Lalapan + Sambal + Nasi25.000
Ayam Penyet Dada + Lalapan + Sambal + Nasi23.000
Bebek Penyet + Nasi + Lalapan + Sambal42.000
Bebek Penyet + Nasi + Lalapan + Sambal42.000
Ikan Bawal + Nasi + Lalapan + Sambal26.000
Ikan Lele + Nasi + Lalapan + Sambal23.000
Ikan Kerapu + Nasi + Lalapan + Sambal30.000