Foto Menu & Review Ayam Geprek Mewek – Pemuda – Pulogadung

Ayam Geprek Mewek – Pemuda

Lokasi dan Kontak

Jl. Pemuda No.10, RW.3, Rawamangun, Kec. Pulo Gadung, Kota Jakarta Timur, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 13220, Indonesia

Aneka Ayam


Rp2.000 – Rp27.000

Jam Buka
Jumat 1–10PM
Sabtu 11AM–10PM
Minggu 11AM–10PM
Senin 11AM–10PM
Selasa 11AM–10PM
Rabu 11AM–10PM
Kamis 11AM–10PM

Jam Sibuk 19:00, 20:00, 18:00


One stop of food stalls located near campus area. It is popular with college students and people who wants to find a cheap menu for fast food.

The place is neat and minimalist of traditional stall with only one big sign in the front. Remember not to mistake the place since the Ayam Geprek is inside (outside mostly covered with Bakso Mie stall).

The menu is in one all food stalls, so you will find each category of food such as bakso (meatball), nasi ayam geprek (crushed fried chicken with marinated spicy hot sambal) or any other menu you can choose. The gap between ordering and waiting food to come is relatively short. When you order the geprek category, you need to prepare water or any cold drinks that can soothing the hotness of pepper.

For the taste, i like the geprek menu without adding cheese or anything since im not comfortable mixing cheese with sambal. (Personal taste). Yet, you can expect hot from the frying pan and crispiness of the chicken. It has juicy and crunchy from the skin. The sambal is adding sensation of hot and savory flavours.

The price is relatively cheap and but you need to check the menu again since you add other orders outside the bills.



The foods are delicious


The food tastes nice

Daftar Menu



Paket Nasi Ayam Geprek Mewek Meleleh Paha23.000
Paket Nasi Ayam Geprek Mewek Serut Paha23.000
Paket Nasi Ayam Geprek Mewek Original Paha + Es Teh Manis23.000
Paket Nasi Lele Geprek Mewek Meleleh21.000
Paket Nasi Lele Geprek Mewek Serut20.000
Paket Nasi Lele Geprek Mewek Serut20.000
Paket Nasi Lele Geprek Mewek Meleleh + Es Teh Manis22.000
Paket Nasi Lele Geprek Mewek18.000
Paket Nasi Ayam Gerperk Mewek Meleleh Dada24.000