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Ayam Geprek Bu Amah – Tugu Utara

Lokasi dan Kontak

Jl. Pengukiran II No. 6H, Tambora, Pekojan, RT.6, RT.7/RW.4, Pekojan, Kec. Tambora, Kota Jakarta Barat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 11240, Indonesia

Aneka Ayam


Rp2.000 – Rp25.000

Jam Buka
Jumat 4–6PM
Sabtu 4–6PM
Minggu Closed
Senin 4–6PM
Selasa 4–6PM
Rabu 4–6PM
Kamis 4–6PM



Bu Amah provides authentic Betawi’s Nasi Uduk. Nasi Uduk is their specialties. Fragrant steamed rice cook in fresh coconut milk.

Sprinkled with generous amount of fried shallots, their Nasi Uduk is to die for. It is savory, fragrant, and very delicious.

I believe this is one of the best taste Nasi Uduk in Jakarta.

You can also order their fried chicken. Big cuts of chicken that has been cooked in spices, and fried to perfection.

Their Peanut Sambal is amazing. It compliments the rice. It is hot, creamy and sour. Such an amazing sauce.

The place is quite humble, but everyone seems to be nice and friendly.

It is situated in a small alley, but don’t worry, people will give you directions here. It is quite famous.

Usually people order take outs , if you want to dine in, you have to eat in chairs in an alley, that’s sometimes busy , people passes by, even motorcycles.

But that’s the beauty of it. If you want to experience dining in By Amah’s place .

Nasi Uduk Rp. 10.000
Ayam Goreng Rp.25.000
Tempe Rp. 5000

Simple n the best nasi uduk in town

Taste: 6.5
Place: 4.5
Price: 5
Service: 6.5

For me it’s overated, regular taste, maybe the chicken taste incredible, i don’t know, but the sambal kacang is pretty good. I ordered 1 nasi uduk + 1 tofu + 3 tempeh. It all cost 25k (no drinks). This place located inside small alley, could fit 2 motorcycle and maybe 1 person.

Simply the best Nasi Uduk i ever taste, their peanut sauce is one of their secret. Their freid chicken also using uncommon ingredient for traditional fried chicken. Those three eaten together is superb expirience. I always joking that this …


Nice people and nice culinary, since it is one of legend culinary in Jakarta

Daftar Menu



Es teh manis5.000
ayam geprek paha18.000
ayam geprek dada Big Size20.000
paket ayam geprek dada Big Size + nasi25.000
paket ayam geprek paha + nasi23.000
paket ayam geprek paha + nasi23.000
Ayam Geprek Bu Amah20.000
Tahu & Tempe2.000