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Avocado Lovers – Lippo Mall Kemang

Lokasi dan Kontak

Mall Kelapa Gading, Jl. Boulevard Raya, RT.13/RW.18, East Kelapa Gading, Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta City, Jakarta 14240, Indonesia Located in: Mall Kelapa Gading

Asli Indonesia


Rp15.000 – Rp60.000

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I love avocados! They taste good eaten by itself and especially good when mixed with chocolate syrup or condensed milk.
The avocado juice from this store is no exception. They put generous amount of avocado chunks on the top. Avocado is fresh, no trace of brownish part that indicates old avocado was used.
My favorite juice!

Good but overpriced

Many times the avocado is bitter. Employees hard to talk to


IG = @digitamafoodies / @digitamagabumon

Salah satu minuman Avocado yang paling recommended untuk saat ini… Hehe… Di sini kita bisa memilih berbagai macam jus Alpukat dengan beberapa varian seperti tobleron, buah longan, kelapa, dll… Yang jelas dengan banyaknya varian, membuatnya semakin kaya akan rasa…

(Translated by Google) Several times using the motorbike taxi order is always wrong … I don’t have to go back and forth, my brother does not even know he has ever bought it … I bought it directly, and the service to go to the motorcycle …

Daftar Menu



Avocado Loves Original Single35.000
Avocado Loves Coffee Pass35.000
Avocado Loves Kopyor Pass46.000
Avocado Loves Young Coconut Lovers50.000
Avocado Loves Coconut Water 500 Ml14.500
Avocado Loves Coconut Water 500 Ml14.500
Avocado Loves Young Coconut Pass40.000
Avocado Loves Durian Lovers50.000
Avocado Loves Jackfruit And Young Coconut Single58.500