Foto Menu & Review Aphin 88 Mie Kangkung Terasi – Pegadungan – Kalideres

Aphin 88 Mie Kangkung Terasi – Pegadungan

Lokasi dan Kontak

Jalan Perumahan Taman Surya, Blok B2, No.1, Pegadungan, Kalideres, RT.6/RW.3, Pegadungan, Kec. Kalideres, Kota Jakarta Barat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 11830, Indonesia



Rp20.000 – Rp28.000

Jam Buka



This restaurant has been there quite a while and serving Medanese food like fried noodle, fried rice noodle. It is a Non Halal restaurant.

I always order Fried Rice Noodle with sauce (Kwetiaw goreng siram). This menu is one of the best you can find. It is just perfectly mix and match of all spices with the kwetiaw.

My other favorite is Mie Tomat Kangkung Belacan (Tomato Fried Noodle with veggies/morning glory) comes with a bit of ketchup sauce. Make it hot and spicy. You will sweat till last drop as the taste is amazingly perfect.

Delicious but no air conditioner and if you bring your car you have to park it roadside. They also serve delivery order for the surrounding.

Yg enak kuetiaw siremna legend banget
Toping mewah cm hrgna aja a bit pricey 38k

Masakan ya enak khas medan?? pokok ya nagihin

masakan ny degan bumbu racikan sendiri mamtap masakan ??????

Masakan aphin 88 enak baget …makyooss

Daftar Menu



Bakso Ayam20.000
Mie Sop Ayam + Bakso Ayam Medan28.000
Mei Sop Ayam Medan20.000
e mie medan26.500
Mie Sop Ayam20.000
Mie Sop Ayam20.000
Bakso Ayam20.000
Mie Sop Sama Bakso23.000